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"In support of Law Enforcement, Thank You for all you do!"

A Blue Collar Worker FOR the Blue Collar Worker


"In support of Law Enforcement, Thank You for all you do!"

     Please do NOT cast your Vote based on how much someone has raised for their Campaign, it should always be about the People living in Leon County and the County itself and not about the money raised for their Campaign. I feel that since this is a LOCAL Office, you shouldn’t need $30,000.00, $60,000.00 or $100,000.00 for your Campaign. I’m only raising Money as needed to do what I need to do. I chose to be mostly self-funded because in this Economy, many people can’t afford to give to their Church or to their favorite Charities, so I am not going to ask them to give to my Campaign. I would rather have them keep their money and put food on the Table, instead of giving to my Campaign, …… Like it says on my Van, “I don’t want your Money……I want your Vote and I promise I will work hard for you.

     November 8th will soon be here, my promise to YOU, the Citizens of Leon County is, on November 9th I will be out early picking up MY Campaign Signs. It will take a few Days but, I will get them. Thank you.

     I will work hard to do everything I can to reel in Wasteful Spending and make Financial Accountability and Responsibility of your Tax Dollars a Top Priority. I will challenge Agendas that I feel are too costly and or not needed, sometimes “Plain Jane” is better than “Flamboyant” . I would introduce plans for bringing new activities and entertainment for the Citizens of Leon County that will be free for them to enjoy, getting them outside and interacting with others, because there should be more to do besides biking and walking trails. I don't care which Math or Formula they use, I am against raising Property Taxes and will fight to keep that from happening. I want to make Leon County a place where Businesses will want to come and prosper. I want to make a difference, to help improve the quality of life for you and your family.

     It's Time For Someone Different. I have lived in Leon County since I was a little kid, over 45 Years. I have been a Blue Collar Worker from my very first job in 1979, my Senior Year in High School. I know what it is like to live Pay Check to Pay Check and it CAN be pretty scary at times. For over 26 Years now, I have been a State Employee, the first 9 Years with the Department of Management Services at their Motor Pool and then in Building Maintenance, then I moved over to the Department of Revenue in the Office Supply Warehouse. I have seen and learned a lot about how the State operates. I have friends who work for the City and for the County and it seems that they all do things very similar. Leon County is my Home, and I truly want to make a Difference. Help me make that possible.

    I am sure that most of you have seen the article in the Democrat about the Editorial Board Forum that featured myself and my opponent, Mary Ann Lindley who is finishing her first term of being a County Commissioner. Keep in mind that she has the inside track on County Business. I would like to clear up a couple of things.

    ONE: YES, as the Democrat strongly points out, she has out raised me about 9 to 1 on Campaign Funds BUT, I am mostly self-funding my Campaign because I refuse to over spend for a Local Elected Office and I only raised what I feel is needed to run my Campaign ($6,684.00) because anything more, I would consider it to be wasteful spending. As of 10-14-2016, she has raised $55,404.00 for her Campaign BUT, she paid a Campaign Consultant $39,684.00, a Campaign Assistant $2,000.00 and $7,568.00 for Campaign Kick Off and Entertainment. So please do not cast your Vote based on the amount of money raised as I feel that I have spent wisely. Our Campaign Reports are Public Knowledge.

    TWO: If you have watched the Editorial Board Forum, I will be the first to admit that I am not an elegant public speaker and public speaking is new to me, I tend to get straight to the point without stretching out my answers, I am more of a person of action. Her answers are usually about what the Commissioners have already done or what they are working on now where as my answers are what I would like to accomplish now and in the future. One of the questions we were asked was, "What is the County spending to much money on?" My answer was "Pedestrian Bridges" and "Round-A-Bouts", her answer was "Consulting Fee's", which I find odd because she has spent almost $40,000.00 on a Campaign "Consultant". I work full time for the State and still manage to run my own Campaign. I do my own Campaign Graphics design and installation for my Van, I designed my own Tee Shirts, Post Cards, Banners and Signs, I have placed ALL but 6 of my Signs myself and I go out on the weekends and clean around all of my Signs so they can be seen. I do my own Campaign Financial Reports, I built and maintain this Web Site and I have done a lot of Public Speaking over the last 6 Months as well. 90% of what I do for my Campaign is done in the Evening and on the Weekends so I do not need to pay for an Campaign Consultant, Like I have said, I prefer to be a "Man of Action". If I am elected, in 4 Years, I too should be able to give you a similar list of “County Commissioner” Job Qualifications, Experience and Accomplishments just as she is able to do now.




My Campaign Signs

     I am sure that you are now seeing some of my Campaign Signs around Town. My Campaign is mostly Self Funded. My goal for my Campaign is to do as much as I can to get the word out that I am running for County Commissioner without spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars to do it. I feel that by starting early and working hard, I should be able to achieve my goal. I have been doing 98% of my Campaigning myself and that includes putting out the small Signs that you see. The Campaign Guide gave me some insight on where the Signs can be placed but to be safe I called the County and was told that the right of way on county and state roads can extend as far as 20 feet from the edge of the road but generally, if I keep my Signs past the Sidewalk, Utility Poles or Fire Hydrants, whichever is the farthest away from the Road I will be ok. I have gone a step farther, I carry a swing blade with me and I placed my Signs past the “Mow Lines” which is a little farther. I do not want to disrupt the people on the Mowers who maintain the Right-Of-Ways.
     When you see my Signs, I hope you also notice that there is only one Sign there. I have noticed over the Years as well as this Year, that during Campaign Season, many of the Candidates will place several of their Signs together, side by side. I promise you that, I will NOT do that, it is not needed and I feel it is a waste of money. I will also promise that when the Election is over, Win or Lose, I will personally go out and collect my Signs. If you see a problem with one of my Signs, please send me an Email and tell me where the Sign is located so I can go by and check it out to straighten it, replace it or move it. I do have Signs available to those who would like one for their Yard.

     Thank you.

7680 Talley Ann Dr., Tallahassee Florida, 32311

Email me with any questions you may have.