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     I was born in August of 1961, making me a Leo and I have lived in Leon County for over 45 Years (over 50 Years in 2020), it is Home to me. I am a major Car Guy and I am especially into Mustangs. When I was a kid back in 1969, a friend and I had a cool job folding Newspapers for John Peterson (FSU�s Coach Bill Peterson�s Son) who had the Paper Route in our area and sometimes we got to go with him to toss the Newspapers, riding in his cool yellow 1968 Ford Mustang Convertible with the top down. He paid us each $2.00 a week and to us, that was a LOT of money.

     Now, jump forward in time, I have had several cool Jobs that I liked a lot. I was a Pump Jockey (Gas Station Attendant) at Bears Service Station, I was a Parts Puller at Harrison Auto Parts, I was a Mechanic & Pump Jockey at Free�s Gulf Service Station and I drove & operated a Tow Truck. then, in 1989 I was hired on for my first Job with the State, at the Motor Pool with Department of General Services which later became Department of Management Services, then I switched over to Building Maintenance with the same Department. Nine Years later I switched gears and went over to Florida Department of Revenue to work in their Warehouse dealing with Office Supplies and also the Mail Room, I am still there today but I was recently promoted to Supervisor of both. I have learned a lot working for the State, at both Agencies, how things work, how things are done, some good, some not so good.

     I am very blessed to have the Family that I have. My Parents married young and were married for over 50 Years until my Mother passed away on December 11, 2009. Of six kids, I am next to the youngest, growing up with 3 Brothers and 2 Sisters. My Mom ran the House while my Dad was the provider and all six of their Kids graduated High School, and that is HUGE in my book. My Parents encouraged all of us to follow our Dreams. I have talked about running for Office for a couple of decades now and my friends and Family, especially my Mom have told me I should do it so, finally I did for the 2016 Election, and I did very well. Still today, my friends and Family are encouraging me to run again because they like what I stand for and so, I am doing just that for the 2020 Election.